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Sample termination letter

Employee Termination Letters

The secret to successful employee terminations.
With sample termination letter
Employment Termination Letter Sample

An employer never hires an employee intending to fire them later. But sometimes circumstances force an employer to fire a worker. This is a serious task that businesses should do carefully. The termination letter is an important document not only for the termination meeting but also for legal purposes if the employee files a wrongful termination lawsuit. Because it is important document, most employers start with an employment termination letter sample.

Importance of an employment termination letter

The termination letter is not like any other document. If you are the employer, you must do it right. A well done letter speaks volumes about your sense of justice and professionalism. It also can prevent you from turning up on the wrong end of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Guidelines for an employment termination

The most common reasons for firing an employee are underperformance, bad conduct and insubordination. The employer should handle the termination letter the same way in all three cases. However, the minor details of the procedure may vary.

There are three major items that you, the employer, must remember when terminating an employee. First, you must consider the legal issues involved. Second, include any extra payments and benefits that you own the employee. List the severance package if you offer one. Finally, make sure you explain the reasons for the termination. If you follow a proper procedure, you will not surprise the employee with any of this. You should have given them plenty of feedback in your verbal and written warnings.

Also, make sure you always have enough evidence and data to support your decision. As an employer or manager, keep a record of your experiences with this employee. Their file should list out their repeat transgressions with dates and the disciplinary action the manager had to take. Finally remember to remain professional in both your letter and in the termination meeting.

Employment termination letter sample – Template

Let us take a look at the template of an employment termination letter sample. You can create variations depending on the circumstances and the legal issues. The legality may vary from country to country so keep this in mind. The template of an employment termination letter sample is given below.

Dear Mr. /Ms. (whichever applicable)

In reference to our prior meeting held on (specify the date of the meeting /meetings), I hereby state that your service with (specify the name of your company) is terminated. The termination will be effective from (mention the effective date of the termination).

According to our previous discussion, the circumstances leading to this decision are stated below:

(Here, mention all the reasons for the termination as well as warnings you gave to the employee)

(Specify all the things the employee has to return, all the matters that need to be settled before he /she leaves, date of leaving, notice period, appealing procedures, etc.)

Yours truly,

(Specify enclosures, if any)

N.B.: Please sign and return this letter to confirm its receipt and that of the enclosure (if any).

Terminate without fear of making mistakes. Our recommended procedure.

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Sample Termination Letter


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